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Above Ground Pools

Are you thinking of getting your family the perfect swimming area but are worried about the time and cost implications of a regular in ground pool? Well, here is a solution; above ground pools. These are temporary or permanent structures built to preferred specifications and afford the whole family a fun swimming time. It is considerably cheaper to construct compared to in ground pools. They come in oval or round shapes and are typically 52" to 54” deep and 52” wide, though that can be adjusted depending on preferences. 

How to Construct Above Ground Pool

If you have a knack for DIY projects, you can check out tutorial videos on how to construct the perfect above ground swimming pool.  

The Supplies 


- Wall and top rail material (which can be steel or resin depending on preferences)

- Pool frame, top cap and upright materials

- The Base track materials

- A vinyl liner for the inner part of the pool

- A pump and filter system

- A skimmer 

The Simplified Construction Process

Prepare the ground where you want the pool to be; it should be even and free of junk. Make a pool frame by first putting in place the base track. This stretches from one base plate of an upright to the next, which forms the pools bottom structure. The grooves of the track lets the wall fit right into it for the perfect joint, which is then tamped well.
Place the liner on the inner side of the pool (make sure it is free of wrinkles and it isn’t overstretched) until it fits the enter pool interior. Verify the joints and spacing of the pool structure before you place the final touches (screwing the top rail and caps on). Then connect the pump system.
Once you are through assembling, get the water in the pool to test for leaks. If you are satisfied with your work, then you are well on your way to enjoying a good time in the water. These pools are perfect for people of all ages; perfect for a family fun day in the backyard!



Final Words

Above ground swimming pools usually come with an installation guide from the manufacturer. If you are not very confident of your ability to get it up and working, you can always contract a professional to do it for you.

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