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Fiberglass Pools for Mokena, IL

lp canada grandeWhen choosing an inground swimming pool for your home it can be difficult to decide which type of pool to get. There are three major types of inground pool to choose from: fiberglass inground pool, vinyl liner and concrete. All three types come with advantages and disadvantages, but one of the most popular choices in Mokena, IL and the rest of the US has been the fiberglass pool.
There are many reasons for this. Inground fiberglass swimming pools are easiest to install, as they require no additional building work (as a concrete pool would) and have a high factory controlled quality. This is because the whole pool is produced and delivered in one piece, which guarantees structural integrity. By contrast, a vinyl pool can easily break and it is very expensive to replace the lining.
There are a huge number of different designs and varieties for fiberglass pools, for all garden sizes and tastes.

Inground fiberglass pools are installed in a straightforward manner: a pool contractor excavates a hole in your garden and lays the pipes and drainage system. Then, the pre-formed shell is delivered and lowered into the ground. After that the pool is finished. On average, this process takes about 2-3 days, compared to up to six months for the construction of a concrete pool.
Fiberglass swimming pools are very easy to maintain, as their surface area does not allow algae to grow easily, as would be the case with a concrete pool. This decreases the amount of chemicals that would be needed to maintain water quality, which also leads to a lower maintenance cost over the lifetime of the pool and a higher resale value.
Most fiberglass pools are even compatible with salt water systems, which also accounts for their high level of durability. Fiberglass cannot easily be scratched and scraped like vinyl lined pools, and do not require a regular scrub and clean like a concrete pool. There will also be ample opportunity for concrete and vinyl pools to leak, which is virtually impossible with a properly built and well maintained fiberglass pool.

TheMajesticAs with any big building project it is important to find a pool contractor who will help make the best choice for each customer, but overall a fiberglass model is versatile and flexible, and will be possible in many different settings and situations. Extra deep pools or extremely big shapes will not be feasible, but it’s best to speak to your pool contractor about the options that are available to you.
The image of inground fiberglass swimming pools used to be somewhat boring – even bathtub-like. But today there is a huge variety to choose from. Fiberglass pools now even come with luxurious finishes such as tile and they are no longer limited to the classic rectangular shape, either. In fact, it is more costly to get a concrete pool to be in a unique shape than it is to get an inground fiberglass pool with curves and edges. In most cases, these special shapes come at no extra cost, as the design and production is done off-site anyway.
There is a limit in how big you can go with an inground fiberglass pool, however. Most companies are unable to provide anything bigger than 15x40 ft, due to restrictions on transport and production size.

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