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Closing Your Pool in Mokena, IL

There comes a time of year when the summer ends and the temperatures start to drop. For those living in Moneka, IL, this is the time that many homeowners will start their pool closing process and begin to winterize their pool. 
Once the temperature of the water starts to get into the lower 60's, you will want to begin the process to winterize the pool. Closing an above ground pool for the winter or an in ground pool will protect it and all the equipment from possible freeze damage to the structure, pumps, or pipes. 

Pool Closing for the Winter

The first steps to close a pool is to perform regular pool maintenance by checking the chemicals in the water. Make sure the PH level, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Chlorine levels are at standard safe levels. 
Once that has been done, it is time to do a thorough cleaning of the pool by brushing the floors and sides. After that has settled, vacuum sand or debris that is left behind on the floor on the floor. 
Now you can begin the next step to add the chemicals to winterize the pool. Winterizing Kits contain all of the necessary chemicals for a pool closing. They include an Inhibitor for freezing, pool cleaners, oil absorbent chemical sponges, and other necessary chemicals to keep the water safe during winter. 
After the pool has been cleaned and treated, it's time to disconnect any and all equipment for the pool, which includes and ladders, diving boards, or any other accessories which were only used with the pool. You will also want to clean the pool's filtration system which mans the cartridge filters, sand filters, or any other filters the pool may be using. 

Drain and Cover the Pool

One of the last things left to do now is to start to drain the pool's water to a level which is just below the skimmer and add a cover ontop. Depending on the type of cover used, the water drained from the pool should be anywhere from 1 to 6 inches below the skimmer line. You should also add the appropriate plugs to the pumps and filters to keep them safe during the winter. 

Extra Steps for Cold Climates

If your pool goes through extremely cold conditions, you may want to add some additional chemicals such as swimming pool antifreeze to help protect the pool from the ice as it expands in the pool. 

What to do if You Need Help

Closing a pool can take up to several days of hard work depending on the condition the pool is in. It may be easiest to look for a pool contractor in Mokena, IL to winterize your pool and to keep it safe during the coldest time of year. If any of the steps are performed improperly are missed it to lead to an expensive repair or the need to replace the pumps and filtration system. The pool contractors are experts in closing pools and will be able to make sure that your pool stays safe during winter.

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