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Opening Your Pool for the Summer

Mokena, IL Pool OpeningWith summer beckoning afternoon swims are about to make a comeback. Unfortunately, the pool is still closed. Pool opening for summer is not such a hard thing. If anything it is one of the simplest and most repetitive pool maintenance practice every pool owner has to keep up with. If you are a first timer there are a few handy steps you should follow when opening an inground pool. If you live within the Mokena, IL area there are a good number of competent pool contractors you can call for further help or advice. Such as us! 

Starting with the Cover

The first step in pool opening an inground pool entails taking care of your cover. Doing this means beginning by sweeping the cover of any debris including leaves, twigs and little stones. For solid covers consider pumping off any water that might have accumulated on the cover during winter. Unfurl the cover from the swimming pool, place it on an open ground and clean them. Once dry, proceed to fold and safely store it away.

Anti-freeze Items Removal

At this point, you will also be able to remove the winter plugs. Next, remove the ice-compensators and any other additional items you may have placed in the pool for anti-freeze functionality.

Pool Peripherals Reinstallation and Checks

Next concentrate on reinstalling the items you removed just before closing your pool. This includes ladders, hand rails as well as the diving board. After installation, check up on their conditions. Oil any moveable and rust prone parts such as hinges on the dive boards. Also, inspect their electric conduction and earth them using grounding wires and straps.

Checking on Water Level and Filter Systems

The next step should be to gauge the pool's water level. If the water has decreased below its normal level, proceed to add water up to its original level. In case of substantial loss of water, the use of hose pipes offers an optimal solution in quick refills.
Proceed to carefully refit your filter. As you do this, make sure that the drain plugs are well set within the filters. Also, make a point of checking on your lid O-rings and use a sealant on to add their tensile strength. Progress towards the installation of any other remaining items such as skimmer buckets, chlorinator, and booster pumps.

Testing the Filters and Pumps

It is never given that your filters and pumps will work at one go. You should, therefore, test them to see if they are working efficiently. Try turning them on. Do they start up well? If they do, advance to inspect the pipes for any leaks, drips or blockages. Is the pump pulling any water? If it is not, you may have to prime it. To do this you need to turn off the filter and manually add water to the filter housing unit. Once done close the housing unit and turn on the filter system. If you happen to notice any further problems with the filter call a reliable pool contractor to help.

Cleaning up the Pool

pool opening for Mokena, ILCleaning up the pool should not be very challenging. Get yourself a nice pol leaf net, swimming pool cleaning rod, and a pool brush. Attach your net to the pool and scoop debris from the pool.
Reattach the pole to your brush and scrub the side tiles and the floor of the pool. As you do this avoid the use of abrasive cleaning agents which will mess the quality of your surfaces and act as a health hazard. A good bet for cleaning agent is a tested pool cleaning agent. Alternatively, you can use baking soda.

Water Chemistry Testing and Wait Period

Testing for the chemistry of your pool is one of the most crucial things to do. Testing the pool's pH and alkalinity levels are among the things you cannot avoid. Ensure that the pool is well balanced before embarking on the addition of more chemicals such as chlorine.
This is one area that a good number of pool owners find challenging, as such the use of pool contractors is highly recommended. You should use the following recommendation: pH at between 7.25 and 7.4, alkalinity levels not exceeding 120 and not under 85 and chlorine levels of between 1 ppm and 3 ppm. Give the pool time to calm before swimming. Optimally, a day will do.

Time to take a Swim

Once everything is in place conduct one final test. If everything is okay, get into your swimming trunks and try the water. Wash away all the sweat with the soothing effect of the pool's water.

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